LC Cheshire



The tax collector Matthew was busy yet bored. Then Christ entered his life. Christ called him to leave everything behind and follow him. He abandoned a life that was as unsatisfying as it was secure. Following Christ would become his greatest adventure.

Our adventure begins as well with a call by Christ. We are fed up with false promises of hope that leave us always wanting more. Many young people seem unable to overcome a jaded vision of the world. Following Christ, we find that we care about everything, even as Christ himself does.

Adventure is the way a Legionary faces adversity. We may face difficult circumstances, but these are always seen as an opportunity to love Christ more. In this way, nothing can overcome our deep and enduring hope. It is not merely the adventure of foreign lands and exotic experiences, but the greatest adventure of all: following Christ.

Our spirit of adventure is an expression of our deep and enduring hope. The greatest adventure for a Legionary is following Christ.

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