LC Cheshire



One of our favorite Gospel passages is the story of the shepherd who leaves behind his flock of ninety-nine to find the one that is lost. In today’s world, it seems more like ninety-nine that are lost and one that is found. In a situation where the world wants us to feel lost and hopeless, as Legionaries we feel that there is no better time to be alive and to be a priest.

The world wants to declare God absent from society. As Legionaries, we feel called to bring our formation into play at the service of the Church. We train intellectually, apostolically and spiritually so that we can preach the timeless message of the Gospel to a world that is constantly in flux. A changing world needs a changeless message: Christ is alive!

Our world seems focused on passing time. Games and applications, social events and media, calling in sick and taking personal days; the world seems intent on just watching the clock move forward. With St. Paul, we feel a pressing sense of mission and make our own his battle cry: the love of Christ urges us on.

A lonely world needs Christ. We see it as our mission to engage society with the values of the Gospel.

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