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Humanist Brothers Graduation

After two years of intense studies of humanities (History, Art, Music, Literature, Latin, Greek, Communications, Biology, Mathematics, and Physics), the second-year brothers who are studying humanities celebrated their graduation with great excitement, gratitude, and desire to continue their philosophical studies in the Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum located in the city of Rome.

The celebration started with the mass in thanksgiving for these two years of humanistic studies, also praying for all the professors and people who helped to run the Legion of Christ College of Humanities.

Later on the brothers went to the ceremony where everyone received their graduation diploma, and then the graduation speech: The studies of humanities are a useful tool in the formationwhere a legionary learns how to listen as Dr. Baltazar Lopez Ph.D. Professor of Literature and Classical Languages commented at the end of his graduation speech.

After that, Br. Juan Pablo Alarcon, LC, gave his commencement speech full of references to concrete studies during this period of humanities, such as Beatrice’s eyes in the Divine Comedy as a reflection of Our Lord or the passage in chapter IV of the Aeneid when Aeneas has to leave Dido to go to Carthage and then to Rome, in the same way, the brothers had to leave their lack of humanities to go to the promised land of humanities and then to Rome. Finally, he entrusted the fruits of these two years of studies to Our Lady.

At the end of the graduation ceremony, Dr. Charles Mercier Ph.D. professor of Classical Languages and Music played a piece of Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin as a gift to the brothers during their time living in the US.

Finally, the celebration concluded with a barbecue in the gardens where all the brothers and professors shared and thanked for these two years of humanistic studies and preparing themselves for their new stage of formation in Rome.

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