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Holy Week Missions

Each year Regnum Christi members around the world organize Holy Week Missions to invite Catholics back to the church. At many locations, they hand out care packages containing toiletries, snacks, and warm clothing to those in need. This act of charity has been well received by the homeless, who often feel neglected and ignored by society.

This year the Legionary brothers in Cheshire, CT, are being sent to Holy Week Missions in cities across the United States and in Mexico. In previous years at the NYC Missions, they have been strong witnesses of the joy that comes from following Christ. They have had great success in inviting Catholics back to the church to pray or go to Confession. The brothers will ask for prayer intentions and nail them to a wooden cross. In addition to praying on the streets, they will also break into song, with many people stopping their busy day to listen. Through their witness, they have been able to spread the message of Christ’s love and mercy to many who have been searching for meaning in their lives.

Despite the challenges faced in these tumultuous times, the Legionary brothers look forward to persevering in their mission of evangelization. They are a shining example of what it means to live out the Gospel message and bring hope to a world in need.

We pray for the brothers and all the missionaries who are going out to spread your word and serve your people. We ask that you protect and guide them as they journey through their mission. We pray for their safety in every step they take, and we ask that you provide for all their needs.

Lord, we also pray for the people they will encounter during their mission, that they may be receptive to the message of love and hope that the missionaries bring. We pray that their hearts will be touched and transformed by your grace. We ask for your blessings upon this mission, and we trust that you will work through these missionaries to bring about good and make a difference in the lives of so many. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Philadelphia – Br Eugenio Rangel, Br Alejandro Medina , Br Diego Elizalde, Br Cesar Fernandez, Br Nahym Marquez
New York City – Novice brothers Matthew Artall, Keiren Hamilton, Vincent Le, Christian Patterson, David Perez

Atlanta – Br Pablo Serrano, Br Ruben Carrasco, Br Pedro Padilla
Houston – Br Oscar Jauregui, Br Javier Cordoba
Louisana – Br Enrique Mouret, Br Santiago Canton

San Francisco – Br Francisco Piedad, Br Dante Alba

Monterrey, Mexico – Br Juan Pablo Riberas, Br. Daniel Steeves, Br Juan Diego Leon, Br Miguel Vilarroig
Mexico City – Br Marcelo Castro, Br Mateo Marin, Br Gabriel Alberti, Br Juan Camilo Estevez

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