LC Cheshire

God desires my joy, love, and fulfillment

Meet Brother John Paul Gregor

My vocation, like many vocations, starts with my family. God called each of my older brothers to discern the priesthood with the Legionaries of Christ at Immaculate Conception Apostolic School during their high school years. Little did I know that God was planting the seed, during those same years, for my own vocation while visiting my brothers with family. A few years later, after struggling to let go of the many blessings I had at home, I decided to give God a chance. I entered Sacred Heart Apostolic School at the beginning of High School. I loved my three years at the apostolic school; however, it did not come without its challenges. I can remember a moment in my junior year when I was wrestling with the idea of a vocation and I wanted to go back home. Coincidentally, COVID-19 hit, the school closed, and we all went home. Throughout those months at home, God showed me what a gift the Apostolic School was and the gift of my vocation. By the end of the summer, I couldn’t wait to get back to school and be with the priests and my classmates.

I needed my community, my time with God in prayer, and the true, authentic joy that these things brought to my life. The love for my vocation poured out during my senior year and has continued throughout my novitiate. Whenever I am in a time of struggle or doubt, I remember that moment in eleventh grade and it renews my desire to give my life to Christ. God desires my joy, love, and fulfillment, and I believe the Legion is where he wants to share these with me.

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